BABOR HSR Lifting Neck and Decollete Cream 50ml

BABOR HSR Lifting Neck and Decollete Cream 50ml
Categories: Supplements, Collagen
Brand: BABOR
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Based on the latest research, the luxurious HSR lifting neck and decollete cream sets new standards in the field of cosmetic lifting at BABOR. The HSR lifting active ingredient complex is effective against all types of wrinkles, such as gravitational and compression wrinkles. Wrinkles caused by collagen and elastin degradation and collagen fiber glycation appear softened. Naturally derived glucoside helps to slow down the formation of new wrinkles to ensure that skin looks younger, longer. When used regularly, a polysaccharide in combination with amino acids helps to soften the look of hyperpigmentation spots and prevents their reappearance. Delicate shimmer pigments give skin a silky-smooth finish. A personal lifting experience for your neck and decollete that visibly evens, smooths and firms. To use: Apply to the neck and decollete after cleansing in the morning and/or evening and massage gently into the skin.