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Need to start a company but have no capital? Need funding to study? Sponsorships are a great way to achieve these dreams. To sponsor someone or something means that you donate a product, a service or financially assist an event, a person, an activity or an organization. Depending on which type of sponsorships the donor offers they have a commercial return as the sponsor benefits from having their name, service or product advertised at the same time creating awareness about their businesses and the product and services that they provide.

As an artist, finding sponsorships and funding can be one of the most difficult things to acquire when pursuing your dreams. In Ireland, there are various charities and businesses that provide support and sponsor an artist whether it is to fundraise for an event or promote an artist’s talent and work.

Ever wondered how people hosted huge street festivals back in the day? The act of sponsorships dates back to 5th Century BC in Ancient Greece, it used to be a form of tax that were paid by the rich citizens of the country that would be used to fund their public festivals and competitions.

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The Codes of Fundraising and Sponsorships

There are specific practices that charities have to take into account when fundraising. They are known as the codes of good practices and the sole purpose of these codes is to improve the professional standards. One of the main principles is that all funds that are raised should be used for the purpose intended.

Other principles include non-discrimination when fundraising, ensuring that health and safety standards are met. Fundraisers should comply to the insurance requirements and should also have their goods and services comply with the basic quality standards of the sale of goods and the supply of service legislation.

How Does One Qualify For a Sponsorship in Ireland?

There are five main steps to take into consideration when looking into sponsorships. You should always do your research beforehand to ensure that you are applying to the correct places and that you meet their basic requirements and criteria. Always apply to companies that offer sponsorships directly, this way you save time by using a middle man or agency.

Also be sure to target your applications to the sponsors that fund your business, product or service. Personalize your application by writing your own cover letters when applying. Take into account that if you are not based in Ireland, you will be competing against applicants who are in the country.

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Different Type of Art Sponsorships in Ireland

There are many different types of sponsorships in Ireland that have the sole purpose of having the art industry grow. These organizations help emerging artists and artists in the music industry in Ireland. There are national agencies available for promoting Irish arts and artist internationally.

The Irish Art Council supports all types of art in both Irish and English. Sponsorships are a great way to ensure the success of businesses, products and services. It also encourages artists and gives them a platform to showcase their talents and turn these skills into careers and open the industry for future artists as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sponsorships can help create awareness of businesses by increasing public image, building prestige as well as giving businesses more credit. It can also be used as a marketing tool to help reach more customers.

Legal corporations that are registered as income taxpayers that record sponsorships as expenses in accordance with the relevant tax laws may benefit from a tax credit, this means that part of the tax that is due to the government is redirected to the companies that have granted the donations.

The Arts promotes individual well-being. By sponsoring artists you can help them grow within the art industry as well as help build bridges between different cultures.