Bare Biology Action Heroes Pure Omega-3 for Kids, 100ml

Bare Biology Action Heroes Pure Omega-3 for Kids, 100ml
Categories: Vitamins, Vitamin E
Brand: Bare Biology
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Action Heroes Pure Omega-3 of parents’ dreams. Just one single drop (1ml) provides 480mg DHA and 150mg EPA, the same as a whole tin of sardines. A handy dosing syringe is provided so it’s easy to measure. With super fresh fish oil and just a little natural Sicilian lemon oil added, children will happily take it. It’s also great for the pocket as one bottle lasts 3 months, working out at less than £10 a month.For your peace of mind, Bare Biology is the first UK brand to have every batch certified and awarded a 5-star purity and quality rating from International Fish Oil Standards. This means the fish oils are completely free from heavy metals, PCBs and other nasties sadly found in polluted seas. Bare Biology only uses sustainable fish supplies of wild anchovy, sardines and mackerel and all the fish oils are in the natural triglyceride form for easy absorption and digestion.Children 6 months to 1 year take 0.5ml daily. Children 1 year to 8 years take 1ml daily. Children 8 years to 12 years take 2ml. Ideally take with food, but not essential. Can be mixed into anything cold like a smoothie or yoghurt. Cool place, once opened refrigerate.Ingredients:Fish oil from sardine & anchovy. Natural Sicilian lemon oil & Vitamin E tocopherol.