Bio Synergy Bio-Synergy Dna &Amp; Immunity Pack

Bio Synergy Bio-Synergy Dna &Amp; Immunity Pack
Brand: Bio Synergy
Color: One Colour
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Unlock your potential and discover the secrets of your own body with the Bio Synergy DNA and Immunity Pack. If you have ever wanted a personal trainer, dietician, life coach and nutrition adviser then the award-winning Bio-Synergy DNA kit and app is what you are looking for. By testing over 1000 SNP’s of your DNA, you will receive over 300 personalised reports providing actionable insights, including over 100 recipes and 500 workouts - providing you with a road map to be the best you can be. To keep you feeling 100% you will also receive 3 of the most important daily supplements to support your wellbeing, energy levels and immunity. Includes: DNA Kit & App Vegan 1000mg Vitamin C, 100 capsules Vegan Immune Booster, 90 capsules Vitamin D3 – 5000iu, 90 capsules Depth: 60 MM Height: 100 MM Width: 180 MM