Bio Synergy Whey Better Protein Powder (Strawberry) - 2250 Grams

Bio Synergy Whey Better Protein Powder (Strawberry) - 2250 Grams
Brand: Bio Synergy
Color: One Colour
89.99 GBP
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When it comes to your protein, quality makes all the difference. That’s why Bio Synergy created Whey Better. 27.2g protein | 6.8g BCAAs | B-vitamins | 0 carbs | 0 fat Whey Better is arguably the best whey protein shake you can buy. Whether your goal is to pile on lean muscle, strip away body fat or hit a whole new peak of fitness, you can trust Whey Better to help you succeed. Every 30g scoop of Bio Synergy’s 100% whey isolate packs in 27.2g protein - more than any other in the market - plus a mighty 6.8g BCAAs and B-vitamins for improved energy levels and protein absorption. Whey Better is also proudly manufactured right here in the UK, using only premium-grade ingredients. So, whatever your sport, however ambitious your goals, Whey Better is the perfect partner to support your muscle growth and recovery. Depth: 200 MM Height: 250 MM Width: 200 MM Assembly: Ready Assembled