Bio Synergy Whey Hey Elite Protein Powder - Chocolate 1Kg (1000 Grams)

Bio Synergy Whey Hey Elite Protein Powder - Chocolate 1Kg (1000 Grams)
Brand: Bio Synergy
Color: One Colour
34.99 GBP
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Bio-Synergy Whey Hey Elite is a powerful and low-fat protein blend, designed to give results. Whey Hey Elite is a delicious high-protein shake that has been developed for those looking for a shake that can be enjoyed daily as part of healthy lifestyle. Whey Hey Elite, provides all the essential and branch chain amino acids necessary for supporting muscles and wellbeing. As you would expect from the experts at Bio-Synergy, Whey Hey Elite is made in the UK using the highest quality locally sourced ingredients and is free from artificial colours or flavours. Each serving contains the optimum amount of protein and tastes so good you can just add to water and shake. Want to try something different Add it to pancakes, baking and oats. So when you are ready to #makeithappen choose a quality protein from Bio-Synergy, the UK’s No.1 since 1997. Depth: 200 MM Height: 240 MM Width: 50 MM Informed Sport Whey protein Delicious flavour High Protein Low Fat Easy mixing Rich in essential amio acids Packed with branch chain amino acids From the experts at Bio-Synergy No.1 since 1997 Endorsed by athletes & coaches