Cytoplan Betaine & Pepsin, 60Caps

Cytoplan Betaine & Pepsin, 60Caps
Categories: Supplements, Iron, Calcium
Brand: Cytoplan
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As we age, Hydrochloric Acid production frequently declines, but remains important for the breakdown of food in the gut. For example it sterilises ingested food, acidifies it and hence activates a powerful protease called Pepsin and allows vitamin B12 to be extracted from foodstuffs. Additionally, several minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc rely on this acid for their utilisation in the body. This supplement will help to replace some of the lost acidity in the stomach, thus aiding the digestion of food This supplement may also be favoured by those who wish to ensure a sufficiency of Hydrochloric Acid Each capsule provides Betaine HCL 345mg and Pepsin NF 10mg Betaine is essential for the process by which dietary lipids are turned into phospholipids, and so supports liver function Easy-to-swallow capsules - the capsules are gluten free Suitable for Men, Women and the Elderly Suitable for people with Candida and Yeast sensitivities Free from Genetically Modified Substances