Dry Eye Logic Spray, 10ml

Dry Eye Logic Spray, 10ml
Categories: Vitamins, Vitamin E
Brand: Savant
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Dry eye makes itself felt as a sensation of burning or dryness. Your eyes feel tired, sometimes you get a gritty feeling, and often you are over-sensitive to bright light. Most of you will recognise the symptoms. Environmental factors and increased use of computers are the major cause of dry eye syndrome in everyday life. It also becomes common as we get older, especially for women. Other causes are through disease (diabetes, blepharitis) and also certain drugs can induce its onset. It is particularly frequent if you wear contact lenses or work in an air conditioned office building. It may be occurs due to pollution, long car and plane journeys, caffeine consumption and smoking. It can be susceptible if you have undergone laser eye surgery. Your eye is protected and lubricated by a thin film of tears and this are glands, on your eyelids they put an oily layer over the top of the tear film to stop it evaporating. In about 80% of dry eye cases, this oily film is deficient, allowing the protective tear layer to evaporate and irritation to occur.How it works:When Clarymist eye spray is sprayed onto the outside of the eyelids it results into a soothing, cooling effect right across the eye. Some of the Clarymist eye spray liquid penetrates around the eyelids and onto the tear film that coats the eye. The lipid (oily) component from Clarymist eye spray spreads across the outer surface of the tear film, reinforcing the natural oils that are already present. Due to proper lubricant to the eye, rate of evaporation of the tear film will significantly get reduced. The symptoms of dry eye quickly diminishIngredients: Soy Lecithin - 1.0% Sodium Chloride - 0.8% Ethanol - 0.8% Vitamin A Palmitate - 0.025% Vitamin E (Tocopherol) - 0.02% Phenoxyethenol - 0.5% Soy lecithin - 1.0% A Directions: Clarymist eye spray is simply sprayed onto the CLOSED eyelid which makes it particularly ideal for all of you who find drops inconvenient or difficult to use. Hold the applicator about 10cm from your eye (20cm if wearing makeup) Close your eye Spray once or twice on each eye And there’s no blurring of vision either Proven effective releife from eye logic: Gives fast, effective comfort to dry eye sufferers Revolutionary new spray delivery system Simply spray onto your closed eyes No more troublesome eye drops or gels Ideal for contact lens wearers Can be used up to 3 years after opening