Guinot Anti-Ageing Lift Summum Serum Firming Lifting Serum 30ml

Guinot Anti-Ageing Lift Summum Serum Firming Lifting Serum 30ml
Categories: Supplements, Collagen
Brand: Guinot
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A serum that infuses the skin with moisture, refining it with a combined lifting and firming effect. Energy Cell: increases cell metabolism by promoting the production of ATP, which provides energy reserves to stimulate cell metabolism. Longevitine: boosts collagen and elastin synthesis, inhibits their deterioration and helps lengthen cell life. Sea Buckthorn: promotes the synthesis of elastic fibres responsible for improving skin structure, restoring firmness, density, and structure to the skin. Improves the structure and organisation of the dermis by helping to restructure collagen fibres, create elastic fibres, and improve cell and fibre cohesion, resulting in a stronger, more resilient skin structure. - Lifting effect: the facial features appear smoother and tighter. - The facial contour appears more defined and recovers a more youthful appearance. - The skin looks firmer and denser. To use: Apply morning and/or evening to the entire face after cleansing thoroughly, as a treatment course before the moisturiser.