Higher Nature Alert, 90 VCapsules

Higher Nature Alert, 90 VCapsules
Categories: Supplements, Magnesium, Iron
Brand: Higher Nature
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Alert provides important co-factors for energy, balanced brain chemistry and get-up-and-go.Unique formula to help provide energy, balanced brain chemistry and get-up-and-go.Ideal taken first thing in the morning before breakfastTyrosine is needed for the brain’s neurotransmitters associated with happiness and motivationTyrosine is also needed to make thyroid hormonesB vitamins may aid mental performance and resistance to stressGreat for owls that want to be larks!Ingredients500mg Tyrosine, 12.5mg Vitamin C, 15mg Niacin, 5mg Vitamin B6, 60μg Folic acid, 5μg Vitamin B12, 1.25mg Iron, 25mg Magnesium, 2.5mg Zinc, 0.25mg Copper, 1.25mg Manganese.Suggested UseTake 1-2 capsules on rising in the morning. PrecautionsNot advisable if pregnant or in cases of melanoma, schizophrena, high blood pressure or if taking MAO inhibitor drugs.