Higher Nature Daily Nutrient Pack - Immunity, 28 Capsules

Higher Nature Daily Nutrient Pack - Immunity, 28 Capsules
Categories: Vitamins, Vitamin C
Brand: Higher Nature
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Daily Nutrients for Immunity A trio of supplements in a handy daily strip to support immunity.A unique combination of vitamins, minerals, live bacteria and Wellmune® beta glucans for maximum efficacy and support.Vitamin C, vitamin D3 and zinc all support immune functionProvides 250mg Wellmune® beta glucans, backed by a wealth of researchAdded live bacteria and prebiotic fibre for extra support because 70% of your immune system is in the gutPerfect for everyday support IngredientsBlack Elderberry, Vitamin C & Zinc Complex - Vitamin C (500mg) - Zinc (2.5mg) - Black elderberry standardised extract (40mg) - Blackcurrant fruit 4:1 extract (25mg) - Bilberry standardised extract (25mg) Wellmune® Beta Glucans & Vitamin D3 - Vitamin D3 (400iu) - Wellmune® beta-(1,3/1,6)-D-glucans (250mg) Live Bacteria Bacillus coagulans (10mg) Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) (100mg) Vitamin C 500mg, Zinc 2.5mg, Black elderberry standardised extract 40mg (2% total flavonoids), Blackcurrant fruit 4:1 extract 25mg, Bilberry standardised extract 25mg, Vitamin D3 (400iu) 10μg, Wellmune® beta-(1,3/1,6)-D-glucans 250mg Directions For UseTake 1 strip (containing 2 different tablets and 1 capsule) daily with meals. Do not exceed recommended daily intake.