Vegan Whole Fuel Blend - 1kg - Natural Vanilla

Vegan Whole Fuel Blend - 1kg - Natural Vanilla
Brand: Myvegan
Color: Natural Vanilla
18.99 GBP
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Whole Fuel Blend isn’t just another protein or diet shake. It’s a nutritionally complete meal developed by experts, and a super easy way to get all the nutrients your body needs to thrive - without the need for meal prep or fancy ingredients. It’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner at your fingertips, ready in under a minute. No shopping, no meal prep, no fuss. You may notice that our new Whole Fuel Blend tastes a little different to before, but it’s better than ever (we promise!). What does our new Whole Fuel Blend taste like? We don’t just create our Whole Fuel Blend to offer excellent nutritionals and provide a complete meal, it tastes delicious too. Our expert team has worked their magic on perfecting this new blend, reducing the sweetness and creating five irresistible flavours. We’re talking Chocolate, Natural Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Vanilla and Unflavoured - so you can enjoy a fully nutritious meal without feeling like you’re missing out. And to make sure you feel extra satisfied and fuller for longer, we’ve added oats and golden milled flaxseed to boost your fibre intake and create a thicker, hearty texture.