3 Honest Ways To Get Sponsorships For Musicians

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bySean/ 21 Sep 2021

3 Honest Ways To Get Sponsorships For Musicians

Upon stepping into stardom, several budding artists dream of cutting huge deals with big brands, maybe their favourite shoe company. Getting your favourite brand to sponsor an artist is an ideal dream, but one that requires a lot of work. Here are a few points on how to get it done.

3 Ways To Get Sponsorship For A Musician

  1. Create A Niche: You should know no company will sponsor an artist who doesn’t offer something tangible to them. Creating your unique style of music and fan base is the first step to getting noticed by big brands. Answer these questions honestly: (a) How often do you sell out large concert arenas in your locality? (b) Do you have a large following on social media? (c) Do you have any public recognition? If you can’t answer the first two questions positively, you still have much to do to get noticed.

  2. Make a “Hot List” of Potential Sponsors: With a clearly defined career and target audience, you can start strategically reaching out to brands. To do this, determine the type of company or product you want to represent. Know your worth, what you bring to the table, and what you wish to gain from any deal. Also, be sure your potential brand and your music have a common target audience. 3. Formulate A “One-Sheet.” Once you have a list of sponsors, create a summarised highlight of your best achievements in the industry. A One-Sheet contains: (a) The name, HD photo, and contact info of your brand (b) Your album art and tracklist (highlight a few tracks you will like your sponsor to listen to); and (c) A brief bio-data about you including your newest release.

Last Words

Big brands do not provide sponsorships for musicians who won’t give them a run for their money. Remember, it is a business. Don’t be too forward in cutting deals at first. Take your time, show interest in the company and its products. It’s good to go for brands whose products you like. That way, you forge a real connection.