Event Sponsorship Proposal

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bySean/ 21 Sep 2022

Event Sponsorship Proposal

One of the key elements to finding a sponsor for an event is the Event Sponsorship Proposal. Let’s have a look at what it should include.

Define Your Sponsorship Requirements

A written sales presentation is referred to as a “pitch deck” and is called a sponsorship proposal. The only requirement is that it sells your event; there are no strict guidelines on how to write it. As soon as you reach the right person within the company you would like to be sponsored by, they will either ask you to submit a proposal or set up a meeting. Even if they offer you a meeting, you should still have an Event Sponsorship Proposal ready to hand to them.

How to Write Your Event Sponsorship Proposal

  1. Briefly describe the event. The first part must include relevant details:

• Event name, purpose, and mission
• Date and time
• Speakers and entertainers
• Catering and suppliers
• Venue and location
• What makes your event special (i.e. the up-sell points)
• Your potential sponsors might also be interested in the history or background of the event (if you’ve put on a similar event before).

  1. Present your target audience

  2. Demonstrate your track record

  3. Outline your process and timeline

  4. Suggest some sponsorship packages