Hold An Art Auction To Support Local Artists

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bySean/ 07 Jan 2022

Hold An Art Auction To Support Local Artists

There are many ways to sponsor an artist. Buying an artist’s work is a simple way to provide support, but there are other options, too. Allowing an artist to display their work in your café or shop exposes their work to a wider audience. Alternatively, you could organise an art auction.

Organising An Auction

An art auction can be used to raise the profile of local artists and provide a platform to sell their works. Auctions can be organised in person or online and should include a range of works. Different sizes and styles of work will attract a wide range of bidders to the auction.

But before you start choosing artists to work with, you need to decide on the type of auction. Will the proceeds from the auction benefit the artists themselves or another charitable cause? Even if the artists keep most of the money, it’s a good idea to donate a percentage to another charity.

Why Hold An Art Auction?

Giving long-term support to artists is, of course, very important, but one-off events make more of an impact. An art auction is the kind of event that attracts a wide range of people. Some people are attracted by the charitable aspects, others are genuine art lovers, and some just come for the excitement of the bidding. So, give an auction a try.