Charity Furniture Shops are the Future

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bySean/ 25 May 2021

Charity Furniture Shops are the Future

Research has shown that due to the pandemic, global consumption patterns have changed drastically. Without realising it, we have turned our homes and offices into warehouses filled to the brim with clothing, furniture, and miscellaneous items. Now, before you think of prepping your mid-century cane chair for garbage collection day, discover the sponsor benefits from a single piece of furniture.

Charity Shops Need You

Nothing can exist in a vacuum; the existence of all things is dependent on interaction and connection. That is also true for establishments like charity shops. Without the contribution from individuals and institutions to any charity shop, those who are destitute cannot provide simple basic items for themselves and their families.

From donor to volunteer to customer, there are many ways for anyone to contribute to charity shops. A popular method is to become a sponsor. Charity shop sponsors can either decide to fund artists and building projects based at the charity or donate furniture to be sold at these shops. Before you discard your furniture at the nearest charity shop, do some research. Which charity shops deal specifically with furniture? What type of furniture are they in need of? It is also important to disclose the state of your furniture before visiting a charity furniture shop as this will save both you and the charity shop a lot of time. Besides the feeling of goodwill, sponsoring a charity furniture shop can provide you with low-cost marketing, provide great exposure and increased opportunities for business development.

What are you waiting for? From individuals to mega-corporations, charity furniture shops are in need of your support to help those in need. Ask yourself these questions: Am I better off without it? Will it look better in someone else’s space? Does this charity align with my values? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is a sign to get in touch with your nearest charity shop. Be the change you want to see.