How to Source Corporate Funding for Charities Supporting Art

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bySean/ 16 Apr 2021

How to Source Corporate Funding for Charities Supporting Art

One major challenge charities face is obtaining corporate funding to continue their work. Charities in Ireland have a proven history of helping communities within their sphere of influence. With thousands out of work because of the pandemic, one of the worst-hit sectors has been arts. Artists, including sculptors, performing artists, painters, and writers, consistently seek sponsorships to help grow their careers. Such funding can help support their craft, exhibition, performance, or other allied activity.

How to seek funding for art charities

There are a lot of bodies that organise corporate funding for charities in Ireland to support artists. Notable mentions include the Arts Council of Ireland, Business to Arts’ Fund It, Community Relations Council, Culture Ireland, The Ireland Funds, and the Dublin City. To raise money for these charities and a host of smaller community-based organisations, you need to contact them first.

Talk to them about your intentions to raise funds for and on their behalf and the strategy you wish to deploy to get funds. You may also wish to let them know your proposed use of any funds raised. Be sure that they agree. Once done, write to as many corporations and key individuals within their organisation as possible. Casting a wide net increases your chances of results. You may also wish to organise a fundraising event. You may also wish to involve friends and supporters who can help with outreach.

Ways to sponsor artists

Raising corporate funding for charities can help sponsor art events, subsidise venues, concerts, and promote art-related activities. Such funding can also provide artists with financial support in the form of grants. It is always best that charities carry out these activities as they are aware of the challenges that artists face, have more experience and provide greater transparency.